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Securing your home for less!

As we launch our Las Vegas office we had a little set back in our team however we were able to get right back on track with an amazing team. Ruth was amazing bringing us in and now that we are working with her team and will be put in front of 3000 new home sales a month. We for sure can help protect families and do what we do best. I just can’t be anymore excited about this opportunity we have right here. Look out Las Vegas here we come! #MDIPROTECTS#mdilasvegas#mdi4you

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MDI is working on a state of the art AI gun detection software.

I would like to make the first announcement of MDI Security of Floridais now open and servicing the State of Florida. Our team is excited to offer security services to the beautiful state of Florida.

Another great read for MDI Security. #mdiprotects

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